Khouzestan steel company is one of the crude steel producer in Islamic Republic of IRAN and one of the most pioneer economical agencies in the country which plays a vital role in the region and national interests.

This company was established in 1973 and built on 3.8 square kilometers in the vicinity of Ahwaz city, which is the capital of Khouzestan province in the south west of Iran.

This company is the first producer of Iron and steel in the country based on Direct Reduction method and electric arc furnaces technology (EAF) which was officially operated in 1989 and have achieved the nominal capacity of (1.5) million tons per year then by executing the expansion projects the capacity increased up to 2.4 by the first phase and by the second phase it is increased up to 3.6 million tons per year.During these years Khouzestan steel company fully committed to satisfy its customers in both quality and services, the certificates such as quality management system ISO 9000:2000, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2005 are evidences to this fact.


KSC consist of three main production units as below:

Pelletizing plants

KSC includes two pelletizing units with a nominal capacity of each 3.1 million tons per year. These units convert the concentrated iron ore to production pellets.


Direct reduction plant (DRI)

This unit converts the pellets into sponge iron the plant comprises four Midrex modules with a total capacity more than 4 million tons.



Steel making plant

This unit converts sponge irons to Slab, Bloom and Billets. 

The steel making plant consist of :

Six Electric Arc Furnaces.

Three Ladle Furnaces (LF).

Two double strands slab continuous casting machines 

A six strands bloom continuous casting machines.

Two six strands billet continuous casting machines.

    The casting machines (CCM) converts the molten steel into slab, bloom and billets with annual capacity of approximately 3.6 million tons.