Export production record, the achievement of Khouzestan Steel Co.

Export production record, the achievement of Khouzestan Steel Co.
Khuzestan Steel Co. produced 3,676,000 tons of crude steel and supplied 73 percent of it to international markets, defeated its export production history in 2017 and achieved national achievement for the steel industry in Iran.

"all the significant accomplishments of the company in the year 2017 were the result of the efforts and sympathy of the staff with the national image". Mohammad Keshani, the CEO of Khouzestan steel company, said in a video message on Norouz to the employees.

He adopted the export-centric approach in difficult market conditions as a clever way and saving of the steel production process over the past year in this large steelmaker.

He noted that the success of Khouzestan steel in exporting steel to all parts of the world, while maintaining the process of production and employment in the company, the historical records of supplying raw materials and the production of various middle products also broke down.

The public relations department of Khouzestan Steel Company wrote in a report quoted from production planning and control dept. The achievements of operation in the whole of the year 2017 included the production of 3, 766 thousand tons of bloom ingots, billet and slab, 6 million and 156 thousand tons of iron ore pellets and near To 4 million tons of sponge iron has been proud and thanks for a dynamic and vibrant collection such as  Khouzestan steel.

At the same time, due to the domestic market conditions, the export approach of the product was on the agenda and Khouzestan steel was able to rely on brand reputation, quality and international standard of production and skill in customer satisfaction, while entering the traditional markets, Conquer new export markets.

According to the Khouzestan steel export management quoted in the report, in 2017, more than 73 percent of the company's products were shipped to more than 17 destinations around the world.

According to this report, the export success was accompanied by an export record was two million and 760 thousand tons.

This report announce that, the decrease in  products stock, caused the sale of 33,000 tons of unused second-class slabs in the country, as well as the monthly ship loading in June 2006 of 349 thousand tons and loading of 11 vessels in the same month, also outstripped other brilliant achievements of Khouzestan Steel company in the sales sector over the past year.

This report added ,For the unprecedented production of 3 million and 766 thousand tons of ingots, the supply side also purchased and shipped 5 million and 623 thousand tons of iron ore from domestic mines, as well as supplying and transporting 512 thousand tons of sponge iron by purchasing units And support has been accompanied by an impressive amount of side services in all headquarters and first line of production.

This amount of engineering and technical services operations in the constraints of transportation facilities and technical management initiatives that involve the employees of the supply and service industries of employees and subcontractors, in such a way that the proud and historic accomplishments of the year 2017 for this great steelmaker under the name of the Group of Khuzestan steel.

On the other hand, the managing director of Khouzestan Steel Co declared the enterance to the upstream industry by announcing the ownership of a part of the SANGAN mine, before the arrival of the new Iranian year to employees.

The report announces that according to the experts, the new initiative on the acquisition of iron ore and mining is adopted by the board of directors and followed by the CEO. This promising policy for the future supply and development of Khouzestan steel has now become an important part of the new motto of the company, with the meaning of "the approach to the development of the value chain of the steel industry," and added to the motto "Safe and green production" of the previous years.

This action is intended to open up a new horizon to Khouzestan Steel Co., and it is hoped that the launch of Khouzestan Steel and an effective introduction to the entry of this steel maker with a history of over forty years, upstream and downstream of the industry.

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