Ali Mohammadi KSC Managing Director: Our priority is to continue the upper chain of steel development to sustainably supply iron ore and concentrate

Ali Mohammadi KSC Managing Director: Our priority is to continue the upper chain of steel development to sustainably supply iron ore and  concentrate
" Khouzestan Steel is obliged to take effective steps in the field of social responsibility and to enhance its unparalleled role. Since the beginning of the year, we have been emphasizing the empowerment of human capital, satisfaction and improvement of human resources attitude and this is one of the main plans of the company." Ali Mohammadi, CEO of Khouzestan Steel Company, said in an interview with Rouydad Magazine.

In the field of supply raw materials and related problems in Khouzestan Steel supply he said: "The main suppliers of the company are Gul Gohar, Chadermo, Gohar, Choghart and comprehensive development of Sanabad. As the mines have entered the pellet production phase and with the increase in pellet production capacity, supply will naturally decrease for Khouzestan Steel Company, so that the company's stockpile has fallen to zero at the end of last year and early in the new year. The process was from production to consumption, leading to a lack of proper pelletization and optimal mixing; it also severely affected the production rate of pelletizing and reclamation units and also affected the quality of sponge iron.

Mohammadi pointed to the nominal pellet production capacity of the company: Khouzestan Steel Company consists of two pelletizing units with a nominal capacity of 2.5 million tones and a total of 5 million tones annually.

In the past years, we supplied some of the required sponge iron from other companies, and now, due to the launch of Shadegan Steel Co, the sponge iron deficit from Shadegan is being met, so since the Shadegan steel project will also be exploited in the coming years. The sponge iron company is dedicated to its steel consumption, and the completion of the Zamzam 3 project in Khouzestan Steel is of particular importance for supplying sponge iron deficiency.

Mohammadi stated the technology used to produce pellets is Lorgi the same technology used to produce pellets, as well as to increase productivity by reducing stoppages through program monitoring (cm control) and by changing some equipment such as double decks. , We increased maintenance  period of the furnace and increased the time between unit annual repairs that took at least 25 days per repairs (we increased production from about once every year to about 26 months). It should be noted that all of our ores are magnetite and this has led to increased production and quality of pellets.

He expressed the prospect of pellet and steel production in the coming years: due to the launch of pelletizing mines and iron ore extraction will definitely reduce the iron ore export from mines, as a result pellet production needed for resuscitation units will be difficult and It also results in stopping or decreasing unit production.

Of course, the high importance of raw material supply in steel production as well as the desire of mining managers to build steel plants has made the future the most serious and major problem for steelmakers, which must be thought of conjunction with critical thinking mines. Caused Khouzestan Steel to purchase shares of Sanabad Industrial Development and Mining Company.

Mohammadi added: Khouzestan Steel Company's policies to reduce energy consumption in the pelletizing units are to increase the efficiency and programmatic monitoring of high tension (High pressure motors)

He emphasized that due to Khouzestan steel distance from iron ore mines , one of the main issues of transportation system that we will take special measures for development of transport holding including: railways, road and sea.

The director added: Khouzestan steel required raw materials are supplied by rail and road in two forms and we import about 500,000 tons of iron ore per month In the last quarter of the year daily wagon to the tonnage of about 10000 arrived into the but due to the blockage of the route in April, the average input from the beginning of the year is about 115 wagons to about 300,000 tons. also other additives and raw materials such as coke and sponge and ferroalloys Trucks are shipped.

During the year, total export sales and part of domestic sales amounted to 855,000 tones by rail. Regarding the capacity of the railway due to the single-lane railway in the Lorestan area and occasional blockages, the capacity of the area is about 3.5 million tones per year, but by choosing some strategies could reach to 2.7 million tones per year for rail transportation from the south to the center of the country. On the other hand, the low productivity and low number of locomotives have led to a reduction in rail freight capacity, but there is no problem in exporting the product to the south and can handle up to 2.7 million tones of freight. It should be noted that transportation costs in the first six months of this year have increased by more than 35% compared to last year.

Mohammadi described the ongoing plans for knowledge-based companies: According to the Supreme Leader's formation and his emphasis on supporting domestic production and activating knowledge-based companies, as well as implementing a resilient economy in the current situation, Khouzestan Steel has been involved in localizing parts, equipment. And its materials have taken impressive strides and have been able to localize over 25,000 pieces over the past twenty years, and this has been achieved with the participation of knowledge-based companies, academic and academic centers. In the same time, we organized a specialized localization exhibition in the second half of August with the participation of all creators, producers, scientific centers, universities and knowledge-based companies and agreements were signed with the activists to maximize their potential.

The company has been negotiating with Khouzestan Province Science and Technology Park regarding the capacity of youth and empowered companies in knowledge-based companies. Provide the province with the necessary capacity to take effective steps to localize it; along the way, Khouzestan Steel will make the necessary investments to grow and prosper.

He said: Khouzestan Steel Company has targeted 3.8 million tones of steel ingot production program per year and fortunately in this sector it has been able to produce more than one million and 560 thousand tons, about 100 percent of the production program. To realize. In the raw materials sector, the pellet production program is projected at 2 million tones per year, and this sector has produced 1.2% more than the program, producing more than 2,600,000 tones. In the resuscitation sector, sponge production program is 95.3 million tones per year, and this sector has stepped up more than 2 % of production with more than one million and 640,000 tones.

in the field of optimum water consumption program of the company The director said:  one of the most important programs that  Khouzestan steel has taken in the field of optimum water consumption is the construction of 6 RO water production phases to increase water quality and reduce its hardness, as well as the construction of an industrial water treatment plant No. 2 which increases water quality and reduces its hardness .

He noted to another plan to monitor and increase the condensation cycle in the cooling towers of the resuscitation unit. Of course, the studies of the Revamp Project (change of design) of the old Khouzestan Steel Plant have been carried out to produce 2 cubic meters of soft water and are in the process of bidding and contracting. There are also ongoing studies on the effluent purification and recycling project of the company, which has a significant impact on the optimal use of water.

At the end, Mohammadi said: With the help of God Almighty and the day-to-day effort of the Khouzestan steel workers, we are witnessing the growth and flourishing of the steel industry in the future.

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